Price - list

Ferry price list for vehicles, passengers and animals

Benefits stipulated in the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Transport Benefits No. VIII-1305 of March 30th, 2000, are granted to travelling on ships and fairies of regular service citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, citizens of other states-participants of the European Union who legally live in the Republic of Lithuania, citizens of foreign countries  who have permanent or temporary resident cards of the Republic of Lithuania and persons without citizenship.



Object carried

Ticket price in both way VAT incl. LtL (EUR)



2,90 (0,84)


Passenger with the right to a 50% discount**

1,45 (0,42)


Passenger with the right to a 80% discount**

0,58 (0,17)


Passenger with a bicycle

2,90 (0,84)


Motor bike L1, L2

5,00 (1,45)


Motor cycle, a motor scooter, a motor wheelchair, a cargo motor scooter L3, L4, L 5

18,00 (5,21)


Passenger car (according to the vehicle registration certificate)

40,00 (11,58)


01 car trailer
02, SE medium-sized trailer

30,00 (8,69)
 50,00 (14,48)





M2 up to 17 seats, including the driver's seat

65,00 (18,83)


M3 from 18 to 30 seats, including the driver's seat

110,00 (46,34)


M3 over 31 seats, including the driver's seat

160,00 (46,34)


Car/dwelling caravan M1-SA

110,00 (31,86)


N1 truck, total weight up to 3.5 t

60,00 (17,38)


N2 truck, total weight from 3.5 t to 12 (including tractors, special vehicles and special machines)

160,00 (46,34)


N3 truck, total weight over 12 t

260,00 (75,30)


03 the trailer or semi-trailer of a truck from 3.5 t to 10 t

130,00 (37,65)


4 the trailer or semi-trailer of a truck over 10 t

180,00 (52,13)


Special ferry voyage to an advance order (without interfering with the regular time-table), vehicles for carrying flammable substances (gas, petrol, hay etc.)

650,00 (188,25)


Oversized cargo (Annex to the basic tariff, where the cargo is carried in the truck trailer, or semi-trailer load, and if the front or rear, as well as a side project beyond the edge of the trailer or semi-trailer dimensions greater than 1 m, as well as other transport vehicles (cars, tractors , crane,boat,boat,etc.)

100,00 (28,96)


Oversized cargo (Annex to the basic tariff, where the cargo is carried in a passenger car trailer if the front or the rear cargo, as well as the lateral edge of the project beyond the dimensions of the trailer by more than1m)

50,00 (14,48)


Small animal (a dog, a cat), medium and big breed dogs are not allowed on a ferry without a lead and a muzzle*

5,00 (1,45)


Large animal (a horse or a cow)

10,00 (2,90)


Important information!

Maximum height of cargo vehicles – 4,50 m, width - 3,60m.

1. As it is a return ticket (both ways), it must be bought when going to Smiltynė and preserved till the end of journey.
2. The ferrying of the driver and the cargo of a vehicle is included into the vehicle ticket price, but the passengers must buy tickets.
3. AB “Smiltynės perkėla” is entitled to deprive a permit holder of the permit to travel free of charge issued in the order established by law for the period of one year if the permit holder has given the permit to third persons for usage or has falsified it.
4. Penalty shall be imposed on a passenger and a vehicle without a ticket (permit).

5.According to Klaipedos local government, if a passenger wants to buy a ticket with a discount, he must give a document, which would prove his right to get the discount.

6. In case a cargo owner wishes to transport hazardous cargo (petroleum products, chemical substances, gas, etc.) he must submit declaration of a hazardous cargo and safety data list to administration, according to the European Union directive 91/155/EEC.

* Medium and large breed dogs without a leash and muzzle on the ferry are not allowed.

** For more information visit the Transport Privileges Act (