keltas NIDA

Ferry ,,Nida” – built in 2006 (it can carry 700 people). Passenger ferry “Nida“ was introduced in the republic of Bulgaria, in Bourg shipyard in 2006. The ferry has four apparels, through which people are let in and out. This quickens communication with the Curonian Spit, besides, it is much faster and more economical. The ferry can operate even when stronger winds are blowing.

keltas KINTAI

Passenger ferry ,,Kintai” – built in 1977 (it can carry 477 passengers)


Passenger the fast ferry  “Smiltynė” was built in Holland in 1999. This catamaran type vessel “River Runner ® 150MkII x 5”, with a length – 30.44 meters Width – 7 meters Height – 6 meters, weight – 37 tons, speed – 25 knots (~ 46.25 km / h). The main deck of the ship is equipped with an indoor 72 seats in the passenger compartment with panoramic windows – as well as an open passenger deck with an observation deck. The ship can carry up to 132 passengers.