1. The Seller shall mean the following legal entity: AB Smiltynės Perkėla, legal entity code 140285526, VAT code LT402855219, registered office address at Nemuno Str. 8, LT-91191 Klaipėda (hereinafter – the Company).

2. The Buyer shall mean 1) a natural person of full capacity, who has reached the age of majority, whose legal capacity is not restricted by court order; 2) minors from fourteen to eighteen years of age, only with the consent of their parents or guardians, except where they independently dispose of their income; 3) legal person; 4) duly authorized representatives of all the aforementioned persons.

3. A ticket shall mean one-time ticket purchased by the Buyer that grants the right to use the following services provided by the Company: take a ferry from Old Ferry Terminal (Danės str. 1, Klaipėda) and New Ferry Terminal (Nemuno str. 8, Klaipėda) through the Curonian Lagoon (through the water area of Klaipėda State Seaport) to the Curonian Spit and from the Curonian Spit. One-time ticket shall be used as a round-trip ticket by ferry by one passenger or one mean of transport.  

4. A passenger shall mean a natural person who is using the services provided by the Carrier;

5. The Carrier shall mean the Company, registered under the procedure established by laws, having the right to transport passengers and cargos by the mean of water transport (by ferry), as well as the Seller specified in paragraph 1 of this Agreement.

6. Mobile application Smiltynės Perkėla shall mean an electronic app to buy tickets, adapted to Android and iOS software and available for free in the e-shops of software producers (hereinafter –Mobile application).

7. Website shall mean online access to buy e-ticket. The Website shall also provide passengers with information about the routes, applicable terms and conditions for ferry transfer, purchase of tickets, etc.

 8. Privacy Policy shall mean a document approved by the Seller, defining the main rules for collection, accumulation, processing and storage of personal data.  The Buyer shall confirm that s/he became acquainted with the Privacy Policy, by ticking the sentence in the website and/or mobile application: “I got acquainted and agree with the Privacy Policy”.



9. The rules on the online sale and purchase of tickets of AB Smiltynės Perkėla (hereinafter – the Rules) shall establish the rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties when a Passenger buys a Ticket. The Rules shall not cover and shall not establish the terms and conditions of passenger transfer applied by the Carrier. The Buyer shall confirm that s/he got acquainted with the rules on the online sale and purchase of tickets by ticking the sentence in the website and/or mobile application: “I got acquainted and agree with the rules on the online sale and purchase of tickets”.

10. Only those Buyers defined in paragraph 2 of the Rules shall have the right to buy the tickets sold by the Seller. The Buyer, by ticking that s/he got acquainted with the Rules and the Privacy Policy (paragraph 8 of the Rules), shall confirm that s/he has the right to buy the tickets online.

11. When necessary or upon the circumstances established in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the Seller shall have the right to make changes, correct or supplement the Rules. The new edition of the Rules shall come into effect upon publishing it on the website of the Company:

12. The Rules shall be valid as long as they comply with the laws. If any provision of the Rules becomes invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect as long as they can be applicable without a provision that has become invalid.

13. If the Seller has the right or obligation to provide the Buyer with information or documents by e-mail, the Buyer in all cases shall be solely responsible for the provision of a valid e-mail address to the Seller.



14. Ticket prices shall be indicated in euros, including VAT applicable at that time in accordance with laws.

15. Ticket prices shall be indicated in accordance with the price list officially approved by the Company, which can be found at

16. The Buyer shall be able to buy Tickets online only of the following types:

16.1. Passenger;

16.2. Passenger with a bicycle;

16.3. Passenger with a cargo;

16.4. Moped, motorcycle, motorcycle with a trailer, four-wheeled motorcycle, scooter, cargo scooter;

16.5. Passenger car (up to 8 seats), trailers, semi-trailers, passenger car (up to 3.5 tons);

16.6. Bus (up to 5 tons), car-camper van;

16.7. Truck (over 3.5 tons to 12 tons), truck trailer, semi-trailer (up to 10 tons);

16.8. Bus (over 5 tons), truck (over 12 tons), truck trailer, semi-trailer (over 10 tons).

17. The Buyer shall not be able to buy other types of Tickets (Tickets with a discount, special route tickets) online. If the Buyer wants to buy Tickets of other types, s/he shall choose other options to buy them (i.e. at the ticket office) provided by AB Smiltynės Perkėla.

18. The Buyer shall be able to pay for the Tickets through the electronic payment system Paysera or internet banking.

 19. The Ticket purchase shall be valid for ferry transfer in both directions.

20. If the Buyer wants to get a refund on non-activated Tickets bought online, s/he shall apply with a request for refund by writing an e-mail to [email protected] or visit Customer Service Centre (address: Nemuno str. 8, Klaipėda. Working hours: I-IV 8.00am–5 pm, V 8.00am–3:45 pm).  Upon arrival or appeal by e-mail, the Buyer shall provide evidence that the money to be refunded for the Tickets belongs to the Buyer and shall fill in the request of the established form. After consideration of the request of the Buyer, money shall be refunded in cash upon arrival of the Buyer at the address specified herein or shall be transferred to the bank account specified by the Buyer within 10 (ten) calendar days.



21. The Buyer can purchase Tickets upon registration his/her account online.

22. The Buyer shall be obliged to specify in the account information fields his/her personal data that is necessary for a proper implementation of ticket purchase set forth in the Privacy Policy.

23. After registration, the Buyer shall be responsible for keeping his/her login details safe and /or secure transfer of that data to third persons. If a third person is using the Services upon logging in the account using the login data of the Buyer, the Seller shall treat that person as the Buyer.

24. After creation and registration of the account, the Buyer shall be able to select a Ticket and upon clicking on the shopping cart, shall follow all the steps of purchase, the last of which is the selection of payment method and confirmation.

25. When the payment is made, the Buyer shall receive the Tickets which are not activated yet and VAT invoices.

26. The Buyer shall activate the Tickets on the website or the mobile application on the day when the Tickets are planned to be used for transfer. The activated Ticket shall not be valid on the next day.

27. Only non-activated Tickets may be refunded by the Buyer in accordance with ticket refund procedure (paragraph 20 of the Rules). Activated Tickets cannot be refunded.

28. The purchased and non-activated Tickets shall be valid for one year.



29. Law of the Republic of Lithuania shall be applied to these Rules.

30. All disputes arising out from this agreement shall be settled by negotiation. If the Parties fail to agree by negotiation, the disputes shall be settled under the procedure established by laws of the Republic of Lithuania.