We could introduce ourselves in a simple way, we are – the bridge to the Curonian Spit! But really, we are a unique and friendly company having a vast experience in passenger inner waters transport area and ensuring safe ferry communication between the two coasts of the Curonian Lagoon.



To ensure safe and timely ferry transportation of passengers and transport vehicles via the Klaipeda State Sea Port to (from) the Curonian Spit, also, with due regard to the customers‘ needs and expectations, to constantly improve the quality of the rendered services.



To be a modern, efficient, transparent and socially responsible company rendering high level transportation services beyond the customers‘ expectations and distinct for innovations and employees‘ pride of their work.


JSC „Smiltynės perkėla“ was registered on May 30, 1991, but the story of the ferry terminal traces back to the year of 1945, when it was established as a military river fleet subdivision aimed at a strategic task – to ensure communication between the two coasts of the Curonian Lagoon.

A short time later, a strong river transport company was established in the Old Moorage. Its purpose was a way wider: to transport food products from Kaunas by tow boats, to raft them down the river of Nemunas to the wood-processing companies established on the coast of the river of Danes, to transport passengers by river transport.

Step by step, as the significance of the river transport decreased, all the river transport fleet was transferred to the supervision of the Nemunas Shipping, and the Old Ferry Terminal, which received the status of an independent profit-and-loss management entity, step by step returned to its initial and the most important function – to ensure communication between the two coasts of the Curonian Lagoon. During this period (approx. 1960 – 1970) 4 river ferries were purchased.

The industry developed and so did the tourism. In Lithuania, especially in the Curonian Spit, new recreation facilities have been established, construction works became more active. It is natural that these processes significantly increased the number of the transport vehicles, cargoes and passengers to be transported. Therefore, tailored to transport vehicles and cargoes transportation, the New Ferry Terminal was opened in the year of 1986 with four ferries, which were substituted by more spacious new type ferries.

Today, our ferries are more modern, manoeuvrable and faster! „Žalgiris“ (the year of 2009), „Baltija“ (the year of 2005), „Neringa“ (the year of 2004) carry to 40 light motor vehicles, and during the closed season – 100 passengers. The ferry ship „Nida“ (the year of 2006) services the Old Ferry Terminal floods. It may hold up to 700 passengers. Ferry „Kintai“ (the year of 1977), which is more like a city symbol, holds up to 477 passengers.

In the year of 2011, the new pier able to hold two company ferries was built in the Northern Horn. The Old Ferry Terminal was moved to the new place. Since August 8, 2013, the doors of the passenger terminal with an open deck on the roof have opened here. The building with its area of around 300 sq. meters has a passengers lounge, service cash departments, and a bar-restaurant, which will not leave You indifferent.

In the year of 2014, we purchased the catamaran-type passenger ship-ferry „Smiltynė“ (the year of 1999). On May 31 of the very same year, we opened a new regular route Klaipeda-Juodkrante-Nida-Juodkrante-Klaipeda, which is carried out during the summer season.

The company face has changed over the years. Nowadays it is a modern, friendly company transporting more than 2 million passengers and 0.6 million transport vehicles per a year.

Neringa enchants. She besots and constantly reminds of herself after You leave her. She loves You and is waiting for You. She is trustworthy and she is the only. You will always find her here… Please be welcomed again and again..!