This is AB Smiltynes perkela ferry routes and timetable program.
This program is not required a regular internet connection, ferry routes and timetable information updates automatically. Internet connection is required only for update the information for ferries services without the Timetable. Apps is available for Android, iOS software users and is free.
Key features:
• Route: Klaipeda-Smiltyne-Klaipeda (The New Ferry terminal) timetable and price list;
• Route: Klaipeda-Smiltyne-Klaipeda (The Old Ferry terminal) timetable and price list;
• New Route: The New Ferry Terminal-Smiltyne Yacht Club- The Old Ferry Terminal-Lithuania Sea Museum and back: timetable and price list;
• Route: Klaipeda-Juodkrante-Nida-Juodkrante-Klaipeda, „Let`s sail to Nida“ – timetable and price list, direct forwarding to e-tickets system;
• Vehicles queuing time in Smiltynė (The New Ferry Terminal);
• Live coverage from Ferry terminals;
• Contact information;
• Language options


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