Trip object Price in euros with VAT in both directions
Passenger  1,00
Passenger with a 50% ticket discount**  0,50
Passenger with an 80% ticket discount**  0,20
Passenger (with bicycle)*  1,00
Passenger (with bicycle) with a 50% ticket discount**  0,50
Passenger (with bicycle) with an 80% ticket discount**  0,20
Moped, motorcycle, motorcycle with a trailer, four-wheeled motorcycle, scooter, cargo scooter L1; L2; L3; L4; L5; L1e; L2e; L3e; L4e; L5e; L6e; L7e;  4,90
Passenger car (up to 8 seats), trailers, semi-trailers, truck (up to 3.5 t) M1; O1; O2; SE; N1;
Bus (up to 5 tons) M2, car – residential building M1-SA ***  24,60
Truck (over 3.5 tons to 12 tons), truck trailer, semi-trailer (up to 10 tons) N2; O3;  28,30
Bus (over 5 tons), truck (over 12 tons), truck trailer, semi-trailer (over 10 tons) M3; N3; O4;  39,40
Special ferry trip  369,80

Important information!

The maximum height of trucks – 4.50 m., width – 3.60 m.

The price is set in accordance with the vehicle category, specified in the vehicle registration certificate..

* * Bicycles are transported for free; in accordance with paragraph 4 of Part 5 of Article 9 of Law No. VIII-2032 of October 12, 2000 on the financing of the road surveillance and development program of the Republic of Lithuania (new law of November 1, 2014) the trip cost is compensated from the road surveillance and development program funds.

** For more information, see the law on transport benefits.

*** M1 vehicles are also included in this category though there is no SA sign, but the vehicle has a living room with seating, table, sleeping places (can be made from seating places), kitchen utensils and food storage equipment.


  1. Since a ticket can be used for a round trip in both directions, it must be bought for a trip to Smiltynė and kept until the end of the trip.
  2. The trip of a vehicle driver, passengers and cargo is included in the vehicle trip price.
  3. JSC „Smiltynės perkėla“ has the right to withdraw permits for free trips within one year, issued in accordance with the law, from those holders, who gave them to third parties or falsified them.
  4. Passengers and vehicles without tickets (permits), shall be fined.
  5. A passenger, buying a ticket at a discount, at the request of the Klaipeda city government, is obliged to provide a valid certificate, confirming the right to benefits (discounts are not given to pupils, retired persons, incapacitated, pupils from 10 years old and students). The benefits, provided for by law No. VIII-1605 of March 30, 2000 on transport benefits of the Republic of Lithuania, are granted to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, citizens of other EU member states, legally residing in the Republic of Lithuania, as well as foreign citizens or stateless persons, having permits to temporarily or permanently reside in the Republic of Lithuania, traveling on <...> regular service ships and ferries.
  6. The cargo owners, wishing to transport dangerous goods (oil products, chemicals, gas, etc.), shall provide the administration with a declaration on dangerous goods and safety certificate in accordance with EU Directive 91/155/EEC.
  7. Tickets shall not replaced; they are non-refundable and valid only on the day of purchase.
  8. The passengers, traveling by bicycle, should warn the cashier about it.
  9. Ferry crew members shall check ferry tickets, not let passengers aboard without valid tickets/permits.
  10. VAT invoices are issued only on the day, indicated on the cash receipt.
  11. The cashier provides information only on the work of the ferries.
  12. Dogs of medium and large size without leashes and muzzles shall not be allowed aboard.